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It’d been a while since I’d cover anything music related, but figured that if I’d be making a comeback, it’d better be over something memorable. Fortunately, Crossfaith announced a EU tour and decided to bring along some old friends: Ocean Grove; with the tour having started on February 7th at Sala Caracol, in Madrid. With an objective set in mind, things are looking good from this point of view!

Between flights, interview bookings and an inherent sense of adventure, by the end of the afternoon, I found myself hanging out with Dale Tanner, vocalist for Ocean Grove, as we were…

Not sure how we got this far, but in case you haven’t noticed, there’s a Slender Man movie about to premiere around the world within the next few weeks.

Based on the modern Internet myth, the movie uses it’s character and tries to create a story from it.

In this article, I will be analysing several aspects of the source material, the film itself and how Hollywood will keep banking on Internet sensations and knowingly turn them into flops, hoping that it will still attract a curious audience.

Who Is Slender Man?

For those unfamiliar who Slender Man might be, here’s what you need…

I can’t believe that MOTELx — Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, one of Portugal’s best film festivals, is already celebrating its 12th Edition from September 4th ’til September 9th.

They’ve come a long way in making that first week of September as memorable as possible, but attracting an audience that loves a good thrill.

During last night’s press conference, we got a glimpse of things to come, and boy oh boy this is already exciting!

Room Service Will Have The Best Lineup Ever

Lisbon, November 4th, 2017.

David Pais is a very busy man. He’s always doing something music related, be it within one of the three bands he fronts, as well as his solo project The9thCell, there is not guessing where he’ll jump next.

That’s why when earlier this year, when Low Torque announced their new album, the first with David Pais on vocals, titled Chapter III: Songs From The Vault, I had to see through my own eyes how this was going to do down.

With a release party scheduled for tonight what is now a frequent spot for myself, the…

Sunday, November 5th. Continuing the saga of bands touring Europe and ending them in the Portuguese capital, this time it was Stray From The Path with their friends Capsize and Spanish hardcore band We Ride, all making their debut on Portuguese soil.

For a Sunday matinee worth of music, with the gigs set to start at 5:30pm, I run into a small group of youngsters hanging out little over an hour before doors open, some practising their hardcore dancing moves.

Having never been to a gig of this sort before, I have no idea what to expect of the audience…

Lisbon, Sunday, October 29. 8pm.
There are two of the longest lines I’ve ever seen for the Coliseum in the Portuguese capital, as Alter Bridge and As Lions are about to perform for the last time this tour. You see everyone with the t-shirts and hear how Alter Bridge have been introducing the gigs with different songs. What we’re going to be treated to is a mystery, but we do know that even before walking through the door, it’s going to be memorable.

As I walk in, As(s) Lions (I’ll get to that later) are about to come on-stage…

This Summer was full of sunny days, loads of fun, but mostly, lots of music. Some of it was good, some of it not so much. But the continuing trend that 2017 has been the best year in music is still a statement I can strongly consider true.

For those of you who are counting, this quarter there was less albums to hear, clocking in a total of 106 albums heard in 3 months (versus the 152 of last quarter and 144 of the beginning of the year). Out of those, I picked 9 releases that you cannot absolutely miss!

Mermaidens “Perfect Body”

S.W.A.T. (2017) [Credit: CBS]

With the return of a new TV season this fall, filled with new seasons of our favorite shows, there are also a handful of new ones that are debuting and trying to steal a small space in our weekly binge schedule. It feels like we’re living in the golden age of TV all over again, with dozens of amazing shows to catch-up on, and it’s not always easy balancing old favorites while trying new adventures.

But there is at least one that deserves the chance, and that is S.W.A.T.

CBS has been successful with it’s modern comeback of Hawaii Five-0

It’s funny how Lisbon’s own RCA Club can become the mecca for young fans, that the night before were hanging around to see Our Last Night, and tonight, we celebrate music with an entirely different audience. all here to see Soen. That’s the beauty of music!

But before the sun went down, I had the chance to hang with legendary drummer Martin Lopez and vocalist Joel Ekelöf, to talk about their latest album, titled Lykaia.

It’s not the first time Soen have been to Portugal. In fact, in 2012, they were supporting Paradise Lost in 2012, to a very warm…

There’s something wrong with the weather lately. Global warming, I believe, has tricked Autumn into being Summer, considering the heatwave that’s been occurring the last few weeks. Except this one, where signs of rain came along for a short bit.

But not today, the day Our Last Night (OLN) are in Lisbon to perform with Blessthefall, New Volume and Your Life & Mine, all in support of the Selective Hearing Tour.

Since OLN haven’t been seen in Portuguese soil since 2015, with a gig many of those standing in line still remember, mid-July was filled with hype as news that…

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